BAL boutique

synonym for quality and uniqueness

BAL bag

BAL bag is a Croatian brand of handmade bags and fashion accessories made of 100% genuine leather for women and men

BAL silk

BAL silk is a Croatian brand of handmade scarfs and ties made of 100% real silk for women and men.


BAL bag and BAL silk brands are designed and manufactured in Croatia.

About us

BAL boutique is a Croatian premium concept store that consists of three brands: BAL bag and BAL silk. Unique product design, the fact that all products are handmade and produced in Croatia from high quality materials make BAL boutique the right place for customers who prefer high quality unique products that reflect their elegant and sophisticated lifestyle. That is why BAL boutique can be considered a synonym for quality and uniqueness, and the brand name itself reflects the lifestyle of its customers because the word BAL comes from the acronym of the word Buy a Look.
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Worldwide delivery

Personalize Our Products

Choose the color and material in which you want to produce BAL product for yourself.
Send us an email what you have decided to produce and we will produce a BAL product according to your wishes for you.
For production of your own unique product in BAL bag, BAL silk or BAL furniture collection we need 2 weeks to 4 weeks because every product is handmade


Where to find us in Croatia

BAL boutique is located in Hotel Sheraton Zagreb, Ulica kneza Borne 2. Come and visit us and enjoy your shopping!

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