Trader is BAL JELENA j.d.o.o., VAT ID: HR53812877993, Zagrebačka cesta 49E, 10360, Sesvete, Hrvatska, which operates business under commercial name BAL JELENA j.d.o.o. GENERAL TERMS OF USAGE SERVICE ONLINE SHOPPING ON THE WEBSITE www.bal-boutique.com.

Please, read carefully these general terms of usage service online shopping before using our web site www.bal-boutique.com for the purpose of realization shopping for products advertised on our web site or getting informations on a specific product.
Using the Internet site www.bal-boutique.com for shopping or collecting data on the products which are displayed, You agree that You are familiar with these General terms of use and are consentient. If you are not consentient with these terms of use do not use this web site for the puprose of shopping, collecting data on the products or in any other purpose.

Seller with this General terms of usage confirms relations between Visitors of the website, Customer and Seller, in the name of terms and ordering the products, prices, payment methods, delivery, qualitiy, reclamations, returns and delivery, data protection and other questions related to a usage of our web site www.bal-boutique.com and online shopping.
These General terms are put to disposition by a Seller to users and refers them to necessarily get to know detailed general terms before using web site www.bal-boutique.com for the purpose of achieveing shopping of the products displayed on the web site or collecting data on individual products. Accessing shopping via online marketplace or visiting this web site for the purpose of gaining informations on the products, it is considered that the users are familiar with these terms and are consentient. If the users aren’t consentient with the terms , Seller refers them to not to use web sites www.bal-boutique.com for the purpose of online shopping or collecting data.

Seller – BAL JELENA j.d.o.o., VAT ID: HR53812877993, Zagrebačka cesta 49E, 10360, Sesvete, Hrvatska.

Users- Buyers and Visitors of the website in general;

Retail price- price which is displayed with every product and is expressed in KN with belonging PDV;

Accepted offer – offer per which the payment is made

Documents, data and informations published on the website can not be reproduced, distributed or in any other way used for commercial purposes without explicit consent of owner of the website BAL JELENA j.d.o.o., or in any other way which van cause damage to Seller or the owner of the website BAL JELENA j.d.o.o..
Owner of the website, BAL JELENA j.d.o.o. explicitly contains and does not transfer anyother rights in regards to content of the web pages, and prohibits usage of content of the web site, unless it is determined with these general terms and terms that are displayed on the website it self.
Photographs of the products displayed on www.bal-boutique.com are explicitly illustrative nature, and it doesn’t always and in all details need to match the actual look and content of the product. Considering to possibility individual adjusments of the computer monitor, differences in perceptions of the colours which human eye can see and similar variables, Seller does not guarantee full compliance of colours of the delivered products like the Buyer sees them on monitor.

Service – ecommerce service specifically available on publicly available parts of the site, in the meaning of providing possibility for Users to contract / buy products and/or services using only electronic resources, including other resources with communicating on the distance;

Transaction- payment or return of the amount of payment after the Seller sold product/service to user / buyer, using middleman services with card transactions which Seller accepts, bank transfers, or in some third way accepted by the Seller no matter the way of delivery.

Meaning of the expressions displayed in these general terms (words in singular include words in plural and vice versa, unless the context follows different).
Accesing web site through compatible technical means of access and its usage, every User / Buyer obligates to respect all of these general terms and agrees for these terms to be applied on him.
Purchase contract of the products between Seller and Buyer is concluded with verification of product payment, when Seller receives electronic message which contains the Buyers statement as offered that he accepts the offer, aprops in the moment when Seller receives an order of the product from the Buyer.

Online shopping in Republic of Croatia and the other countrie’s online shopping of products is possible to execute in the area of Republic of Croatia and in the areas of other countries in which the Seller executes delivery of the purchased products. Seller contains the right for changing the areas in which the deliveries are made.

The right of consumers to unilaterally terminate the contract within 14 days without stating the reasons for the same (current Consumer Protection Act) when concluding a distance contract (online sale – https://www.zakon.hr/z/193/Zakon-o-za%C5%A1titi-potro%C5%A1a%C4%8Da_ article no. 79))

In the case of a dispute, state the jurisdiction of the local court, but also the possibility of out-of-court dispute resolution online – the so-called ODR platform (https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/consumers-dispute-resolution/out-of-court-procedures/index_hr.htm)

The agreed resolution of the case is 10 days from the signing of the Agreement, if there are no obstacles to that.

Acceptance of general terms
These general terms are composed in accordance with Consumer Protection Law (further in document: ZZP), Electronic Commerce Law (further in document: ZET) and the Law on Obligatory relations (further in document: ZOO), and together with the data published on the website www.bal-boutique.com represent pre-contractual notice in the meaning of the article 57. ZZP. Using www.bal-boutique.com it is considered that the User is familiar with these general terms and accepts its order points.


BAL JELENA j.d.o.o… Fully renounces every responsibility which can in any way appear in using a website, and every damage which can appear to User or every other third side regarding usage or misapplication for the content of the website.

BAL JELENA j.d.o.o. liberates every responsibility regarding damage that can appear on devices which allow access on the www.bal-boutique.com and the data stored on the same devices during the usage of www.bal-boutique.com. If the damage appeared due to illegal actions of the third person, computer viruses and similiar, and other cases for which the Seller is not responsible.

Part of the website www.bal-boutique.com can be predicted for advertising products and services of the third parties. Those tird parties (advertiser) are obligated to agree with legal norm and rules either if it is advertising materials, visuals or other content.

Modification of general terms
Owner of the website BAL JELENA j.d.o.o. is authorized without prior notice to change the content of these general terms, selections of the products, other data associated with online shopping as well as all the other content www.bal-boutique.com under condition of the public announcement on the www.bal-boutique.com website, which obligates the Users to check the content of the website while visiting one. Contrary treatment liberates the owner of the website BAL JELENA j.d.o.o. any other responsibility.

Usage costs
Services provided by the Seller regarding online shopping on the www.bal-boutique.com does not include expences which Users pay using computer equipment and services to access web sites. Seller is not responsible for expences regarding phone bills, Internet traffic or any other expences. The Seller is also not responsible for any damage caused by interruptions with Internet connections during the usage of online shopping.

Legal Age
Buyer can be only the person with the age of majority and business capable person. Contract in the name and account of minor or completely incapable business person can be concluded by their legal guardians, and half-capable business person can conclude a contract only with the consent of their legal guardian. Seller does not claim any responsibility regarding contrary of this directive.

Accuracy of personal data
During the usage of www.bal-boutique.com website, Users are obligated to give correct, valid and full personal informations, especially during fulfillment of a registration form. Otherwise treatment authorizes Seller to deny the User access or deny the realization of all or parts of the services regarding the website, apropos products that website offers.

Breaches in protections and rights
The owner of the website BAL JELENA j.d.o.o. respects the rights of intelecutal ownership and other rights of the third persons. If You believe that Your work has been copied or in any other way you believe that your rights have been hurt, please give us a notice.

Seller undertakes on the website www.bal-boutique.com to regularly maintain and give the Users and Buyers unambiguous, clear, easy to understand informations on the products in offer, customized with the means of remote communications.

Exclusion of liability of the Seller
Seller is not responsible for the delays in delivery, or any other issues that appear due to uncorrect or faulty Buyers personal data

Inability to deliver
If the Seller is unable to deliver some of the ordered products, he will contact the Buyer by phone or via e-mail, to inform about the inability. Buyer has the right to cancel ordered product or claim alternate product. All other ordered products will be delivered to the Buyer.

Price alterations
Seller is authorized to make changes regarding prices wihout prior notice, just like he is authorized also without prior notice to make changes in the pricing specifically for online shopping.

Promotional sales
Seller is authorized in every moment to determine daily of weekly promotional sale for specifis product, group of products or/and for all products.

Amount of products at special conditions
Prices, conditions of payments and action offers are valid exclusively in the moment of the order. In the special offer we note that the sales of products that are on sale can be limited. Buyers can be assured with the limited amount of products, that is amount of products sufficient for the home usage of the Buyer.

All payments will be executed in the croatian kuna (KN).

Method of the payment
Ordered products and delivery, Buyer will pay by the model that he chooses himself during the fulfillment of the order.

Receipt will be displayed in the package (or one of the packages if the ordered articles is delivered in mulitiple packages), unless the address of delivery is different from the address of the Buyer. In that case the receipt will be send by e-maila on the address of the Buyer.

Ordered products are packed in the way that the items can not be harmed by usual manipalution via transport/delivery.
In the case that the product is damaged in the transport, those kind of damage are visible at taking over the package, and in that case we suggest that the Buyer does not take the package. We kindly ask the Buyers to contact us so we can in the shortest time check the status of the package or send a new one.
While receiving the package review of the parcel depends on the Buyer, and the Buyer is obligated to compare received package with the receipt, if something is missing the Buyer is obligated to inform in written way complaint / reclamation because afterward reclamations won’t be accepted.
In the case of visible deficiency on the product while receiving the order, Buyer isn’t obligated to tako over the delivered product, Buyer can refuse to take it, and he is not beholden to bear the costs of delivery of such a product. It is considered that the products that are delivered orderly from the Seller did not had any visible defaults. Buyer has the right on a reclamation in regards to material defaults meeting the deadlines and because of the reasons prescribed by provisions of the Law on mandatory deadlines. Written complaint / reclamation can be send on the e-mail [email protected] or written way on the address BAL JELENA j.d.o.o., Zagrebačka cesta 49E, 10360, Sesvete, with indication ‘’Reclamation’’.
For the fastest way to determine concrete order on which the Buyer is sending the complaint, while writing one we kindly ask Buyers to state the number of the order, account number or their user name.

Buyer has the right to justified complaint and on return of the order in next cases:
Delivery of the products failed to deliver
Delivery of the products with the expired dates
Delivery of the products that has error or damage which did not arose in the transport.

Seller will not consider reclamation justified if while reviewing products determines that it suits conditions for the reclamation accordingly to the Law of Mandatory relations and the Law of Consumers Protection. In that case the Seller will in the deadline of 15 days from receiving reclamation replace the product or return the whole amount of money payed. Unless the Seller establishes that reclamation is not justified, apropos reclamation is declined, Seller will inform the Buyer in the deadline of 15 days from receiving the reclamation.

Seller will accept return of the damaged, defective or wrongly delivered products on its own costs, if determined that the reclamation is justified and the Buyer did not influenced on the correctness, damage or any other deficiency of the product.

In the case of justified reclamation, costs of replacement with new product entirely bear the Seller.

Delivery in the Republic of Croatia and other countries
Via www.bal-boutique.com is possible to execute purchase of the products on the teritory of Republic of Croatia and other countries which Seller supports, which implies the delivery of the purchased products entirely on these areas.

Using of www.bal-boutique.com Seller considers that the User is familiar with the general terms of use and accepts all the order points. Seller renounces every responsibility for controversial questions which could eventually come out of Users irresponsibility to read the general terms of use of the webiste www.bal-boutique.com.

Delivery is done through courier service in the area of the whole Republic of Croatia. Delivery is done on the doorstep or business address. Deadline of the delivery in the Republic of Croatia is 7 work days maximum after receiving payment, and in the most cases it is between 1-4 work days.

Delivery to a Buyer
Every product receiver certifies and signs invoice when receiving package. Accordingly to the Law of Mandatory relations, certifing delivery lists from the Buyer is considered that the package is delivered in undamaged condition and after that the carrier is released from any further responsibility. Sender will mark a referal number of the accompanying documentation on the delivery list , from which will later be a proof of executed delivery.

Delivery costs
Delivery costs is displayed on the page and is variable by conutry areas.

Free shipping in all countries


Wrongly delivered product
In the cases where the product is wrongly delivered , apropos the delivered product does not match the ordered one, Buyer has the right to a delivery of the ordered product, and if not possible Buyer has the right to full return of the money, delivery costs and return fee of the product and is obligated to return the wrongly delivered product.

Receipt of the shipment
During the delivery, with purchased product, Buyer gets a receipt and the confirmation of receipt of the shipment which he is obligated to sign, unless there is a reason for reclamation. By signing the receipt of shipment Buyer confirms that during the receiving of the product he performed its review and that the product is received without external visible damages, that it matches with quality and quantity with the products on receipts and that all the documents are delivered with the shipment regarding law regulations.
If the Buyer is on the previously described way found a reason for reclamation, products must be returned to the carrier because reclamations received after the delivery of the products will not be processed.
Refusal to take over the package
If the Buyer does not take over the package or refuses to take over the product without valid reason, Seller contains right to require fees of manipulation, transport or other possible expences.

Impossibility of delivery – sold out articles
In individual cases, due to high demands, it is possible that Seller is in impossibility to deliver some of the ordered articles, apropos that some of the products in from the offer are completely or partially sold out. In the case of sold out products, Buyer will be informed before the delivery of the products through e-mail or phone, and in that case Seller does not have any further responsibilities.

If by chance that the purchased products by any reason isn’t available in stock , we will refund your money within 24 hours. By need we will contact you to check if you want the rest of your ordered products delivered. We will strive to daily update our offer so when there is something out of stock the order will be blocked. There are possible errors in quoting prices. In that case Seller is not obligated to deliver ordered products by the price of the product so low that the Buyer knows or had to known that it is an error, and not realistic pricing of the product.
Photos of the articles are symbolic and year on the labeling of the article can be different than the year we currently have in stock and which is displayed on the specification of the product.

Privacy statement
Green Side is obligated to provide protection of personal informations of the Buyers in the way that it only collects necessary, basic informations on Buyers/Users that are nesessary for fulfillment of our obligations; informing buyers about a way of collecting personal informations, regularly gives buyers the possibility of choice about a usage of their personal informations, including possibility of choice to remove their name frome the further marketing campaigns. All informations about users are strictly kept and are available only to employees who use that informations for a job purposes only. All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting principle of the privacy protection.

Consumer complaints
All eventual complaints can be directed written way , and we will look into them in the shortes amount of time possible.
Address is BAL JELENA j.d.o.o., Zagrebačka cesta 49E, 10360, Sesvete, Hrvatska
We also kindly ask you to check your products during the receivement because all eventual reclamations will not be processed.
For all further questions please be free to contact us.

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